Get help installing your rigging system

Chances are, if your church has very high ceilings and no catwalk or attic access, scaffolding, a boom lift, scissor lift, or an aerial work platform will be needed to install your pulleys or eye bolts. And someone is initially going to have to thread your lines through them.

The good news is if you plan your rigging system carefully, you should only need this equipment once, or on rare occasions for maintenance or special installations.

The aerial work platform shown above is probably the least intrusive option for most churches, and at less than 3 feet in width it is small enough to roll through doorways and down aisles with ease and reach heights up to 40 feet. It even has a “super-straddle” option which allows it to be positioned over fixed pews.

Articulating knuckle boom and scissor lifts are larger and heavier, but they are also capable of lifting heavier loads.

Contact a trusted contractor, builder, or architect to determine the right equipment needed for your job.

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