Sacred Spaces Between the Words

Consider the times when by the act of entering a Sacred space your thought parade slowed to a halt and ceased its endless performance.

Why add art to the Liturgy?

Liturgical art has a place in worship, and much like its architectural surroundings, art illuminates the mystery of the divine, the scripture being proclaimed, and the season being celebrated.

A Sacred Space

Liturgical celebrations and rites enable more than a brush with the divine; they become bridges to the sacred.

Everything old is…old again.

I wonder what this “traditionalist” movement which replicates what has already been done, and which effectively restricts the involvement of laity says about us as a culture. Will historians conclude from our return to the past that we lacked faith in the future?

Mount Tabor Centre Offers Two Growth Opportunities for Christian Artists

The Mount Tabor Centre is hosting symposiums on Arts and Ecumenism in five cities in 2017: Paris (May 12-13), Strasbourg (May 19-20), Florence (May 25-27), Yale/New Haven (Oct 20-21) and Cape Cod /Community of Jesus (Oct 27-29). Please visit The Mount Tabor Center website and take a look at all the exciting offerings. Also, Christian artists might…