The impoverishment and then restoration of light

In this creative installation, the congregation of First Presbyterian Church in Hightstown, NJ experienced the journey from Lent to Easter in a particularly poignant manner.  Dave Teich, explains “During the course of the six Sundays in Lent, we draped the main stained glass window with black muslin fabric, one layer per week, progressively shutting out the light. During the final two weeks a black organza cross was added, fully concealing the body of Christ. At the same time, the side windows were draped in black and purple organza.

At the beginning of the Easter Sunday service, the windows were transformed. The dark drapes were pulled through pre-built channels, and white draping attached to the tail ends of the dark was automatically pulled into place as the shutters were opened, letting light into the sanctuary. The windows were opened two at a time, from the back to the front of the sanctuary, accompanied by the responsive shout, “Christ is Risen!” “He is risen indeed!” The drape over the main window was lowered, revealing the image of Christ, which had been hidden since the beginning of Lent.”[42]