Mount Tabor Centre Offers Two Growth Opportunities for Christian Artists


The Mount Tabor Centre is hosting symposiums on Arts and Ecumenism in five cities in 2017: Paris (May 12-13), Strasbourg (May 19-20), Florence (May 25-27), Yale/New Haven (Oct 20-21) and Cape Cod /Community of Jesus (Oct 27-29). Please visit The Mount Tabor Center website and take a look at all the exciting offerings.

Also, Christian artists might also be interested in participating in The Mount Tabor Center’s Spring Art Workshop/Lecture Series this April 25-29, 2017.  “Discovering Light is a four day artist’s retreat in a monastic setting at the Community of Jesus on Cape Cod. Past participants have been encouraged by the opportunity for individualized personal mentoring and collaboration with other artists. The workshop will be led by Filippo Rossi, a Florentine artist who is a visiting professor at the Florentine Study Centre of Stanford University. Full details about the Discovering Light workshop are available on the Mount Tabor website.

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